Why Do Americans Travel Light?

A common notion among people is that the longer the stay, the more things we should need to pack. However, that impression is so untrue. Most Americans always travel light and smart every time they travel.


Travelling light is travelling with ease. Not only does packing light requires only a little time of preparation, but having a lighter suitcase or backpack allows easier mobility. You can get to your destination with only a little effort.


Being able to carry your baggage yourself makes it secured. When you don’t need to check in any baggage, you eliminate the chances of experiencing baggage mishandling. Thus, you give yourself peace of mind because you know that your things are safe with you and not one is missing.


Aside from mishandling, airlines have extra charge for checked-in baggage. So you can save a few dollars if you don’t have a second bag with you. You can use a suitcase, a duffel bag, or a hiking pack small enough to be brought in the plane.


When everyone else is waiting for their things on the baggage carousel, you can walk pass them to where you are heading to. In cases of connecting flights, it is quite inconvenient for travellers to collect their baggage then re-check it.


It is more comfortable if you bring only one bag with you when travelling from point A to B. It is never easy to carry heavy bags, and therefore, it doesn’t give you the comfort you desire. In addition to that, you will enjoy it all the more if you walk the streets to discover the beauty of the place, rather than take the cab just because of your heavy bags.