It is no longer a secret that some cosmetics can irritate skin or cause other medical problems after years of repeated use. Luckily for most of us, there are alternatives to commercially-produced makeup sold in Singapore that are free from most of the harmful chemicals that will be listed below, were not tested on animals or are free from animal ingredients, and are made from components that are gentle on the skin.

If you have skin allergies, sensitive skin or other medical concerns, you should not hesitate to inform your makeup artist before any big event even when choosing products for a facial before the application of the makeup. You can ask for alternative makeup products without compromising style. Just remember, however, that unlike most food products, cosmetics do not usually undergo strict regulation and even more so when it comes to ‘organic’ cosmetics.

Alternative Makeup Products

If you think that most of the products are harmful to your skin, try some of these “indie makeup” products next time you go to Singapore beauty shops or ask any makeup artist in Singapore about these names. Some of them can be pricier than mainstream brands, but they include vegan options and are also cruelty-free.

1. Sugarpill
2. Melt Cosmetics
3. Illamasqua
4. Kat Von D
5. Anastasia Beverly Hills
6. Hourglass
7. Too Faced
8. Urban Decay
9. Milk Makeup
10. Charlotte Tillbury
11. Nars
12. Marc Jacobs Beauty
13. Hard Candy
14. Milani
15. Nyx

Ingredients to Avoid

According to a study in the US about beauty products, at least one in eight of more than 80,000 ingredients used in cosmetics are skin irritants, carcinogens, and endocrine disruptors. If you’re not convinced, then remember tha some of these are used in other products such as concrete, automobiles, and paint.

Here are 12 ingredients in a product that every makeup artist should avoid:

Coal Tar Dyes: These ingredients are commonly found in hair coloring products, especially the dark hair dyes. These are usually labeled in various names, such as p-phenylenediamine, FD&C, D&C, and CI or code index numbers between 75000 to 77000. Just look for the label ‘CI’ which is followed by five digits.

BHA and BHT: Be careful when moisturizing after a facial, because moisturizers might contain butylated hydroxyanisole or BHA and butylated hydroxytuolene or BHT, which are preservatives. They are also found in some lipsticks and are considered carcinogenic and are toxic even to aquatic organisms. Don’t be afraid to ask your beautician about alternatives to mainstream lipstick brands.

Dibutyl Phthalate: Used in some nail polish as a solvent and plasticizer, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) is considered a reproductive toxicant, an endocrine disruptor, and is also toxic to wildlife. It is also found in fragrances and other products and might not be even listed.

DEA-Related Ingredients: Diethanolamine or DEA and its compounds are used in most soaps, cleansers, and shampoo to make the product sudsy or creamy. You can also find this in sunscreens and moisturizers and are known to adjust pH levels, irritate skin and eyes, and even cause cancer if they interact with nitrites. Besides, DEA compounds, you should also look out for similar chemicals like triethanolamine (TEA) and monoethanolamide (MEA).

Parabens: These are used as preservatives in some cosmetics such as perfumes and are considered reproductive toxicants and endocrine disrupters. Parabens are also present in some food although at low levels, but they are usually metabolized. The parabens that are absorbed through the skin, however, are the real problem. Unfortunately, some manufacturers do not place this on the label and include only low levels of parabens in the products.

Formaldehyde-Releasing Preservatives: There are preservatives that slowly release formaldehyde when applied on the skin, and formaldehyde is considered carcinogenic, so you should look for the following names on the labels: diazolidinyl urea, methenamine, DMD hydantoin, imidazolidinyl urea, and quarternium-15. You should tell your makeup artist to avoid any cosmetic that uses preservatives if you have sensitive skin. Thankfully, most makeup experts nowadays are also conscious about the kind of products they choose.

PEG Compounds: Your makeup stylist might like cream-based makeup because they are ideal for blending, but be wary of those products because they might contain polyethylene glycols (PEG) compounds to make the cream thick and soft. Studies also show that when contaminated with 1,4-dioxane, the result could cause cancer. Look for names with “eth” in them to identify these compounds.

Fragrance or Parfum: Finding products that do not have parfum can be tricky, because even the ones labeled “unscented” have fragrance. But there is a way to find out if the product has fragrance. Look for agents such as diethyl phthalate (DEP), which is commonly used by manufacturers. People with asthma, sensitive skin and allergies already know that avoiding products with fragrance is a given. Make sure your makeup stylist knows this so he/she will only use products that are safe on your skin.

Petrolatum: This might come as a surprise, but petroleum jelly or mineral oil jelly can be harmful to the skin when used for extended periods. It is found in various products such as lip balms and hair products to moisturize and lock in the shine. Unfortunately, if it’s contaminated with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) it can be carcinogenic.

Sodium Laureth Sulfate: Also used in foaming cosmetics, SLES can becomes carcinogenic like PEG compounds when contaminated by 1,4-dioxane and ethylene oxide. Just look for names with “eth” on the label.

Triclosan: This is often used in cosmetics with antibacterial properties, but while this is a good idea, triclosan can cause antibiotic resistance and is considered an endocrine disrupter.

Siloxanes: Do you like cosmetics that not only add color but also smoothen, moisten and soften your skin? Make sure that it does not contain siloxanes which are labeled with ‘-methicone’ or ‘-siloxane’. They are known as endocrine disruptors, reproductive toxicants, and can affect hormone functions.

To pack and travel light is all about identifying the most important things you need to carry with you during your trip. It is all about bringing what you know you will have to use. It is about knowing that no matter how much you want to bring something, it doesn’t follow that it is also a necessity.

Write a list.

Always prioritize items when you make a “to bring” list. List down all the items you WANT to bring, and evaluate each carefully according to its value. Not only does a “to bring” list serves as a reminder but it also helps you weed out which items you DON’T actually need.

Pick ONE bag.

Once you have the final list of the most important items, choose a bag—yes, just one. Depending on what kind of traveller you are, you can use a hard-sided suitcase, a duffel bag or a hiking pack. If possible, choose a bag small enough to be a carry-on.

Choose ONE pair of shoes.

It will be of big help if you won’t bring extra pairs of shoes aside from the pair you will be wearing on your departure. Choose the pair of shoes that will work with the clothes you bring.

Bring detergent.

To travel light and smart also means to be resourceful of what you have. You won’t need your entire wardrobe for a 7-day trip to the US. What you need is just laundry detergent so you can wash and wear your clothes as necessary.

Bring as few gizmos as you can.

No matter how much you want to bring your iPad and laptop with you, it doesn’t mean that they are essential to your trip. Not only do they add to the bulk of your baggage, but they also invite thievery. So it is best to leave behind whatever is unnecessary.

A common notion among people is that the longer the stay, the more things we should need to pack. However, that impression is so untrue. Most Americans always travel light and smart every time they travel.


Travelling light is travelling with ease. Not only does packing light requires only a little time of preparation, but having a lighter suitcase or backpack allows easier mobility. You can get to your destination with only a little effort.


Being able to carry your baggage yourself makes it secured. When you don’t need to check in any baggage, you eliminate the chances of experiencing baggage mishandling. Thus, you give yourself peace of mind because you know that your things are safe with you and not one is missing.


Aside from mishandling, airlines have extra charge for checked-in baggage. So you can save a few dollars if you don’t have a second bag with you. You can use a suitcase, a duffel bag, or a hiking pack small enough to be brought in the plane.


When everyone else is waiting for their things on the baggage carousel, you can walk pass them to where you are heading to. In cases of connecting flights, it is quite inconvenient for travellers to collect their baggage then re-check it.


It is more comfortable if you bring only one bag with you when travelling from point A to B. It is never easy to carry heavy bags, and therefore, it doesn’t give you the comfort you desire. In addition to that, you will enjoy it all the more if you walk the streets to discover the beauty of the place, rather than take the cab just because of your heavy bags.


The main tourist spots in Singapore are:
o Singapore Zoo: In Singapore Zoo there are animals from different parts of world living in their natural habitat environment. Night Safari is the best way to enjoy the nature.
o Singapore Botanical Gardens: this is an open garden which spreads over fifty two hectares of land. It has orchids of different varieties maintained at one place.
o Bukit Timah Nature Reserve: this is a reserve of natural rain forest over a hill. Good place to enjoy the natural peace.
o Jurong Bird Park: this is an exotic bird park with lots of birds. Main attraction being the flock of more than thousands of Flamingos
There are many more such location to enjoy the relaxing and rejuvenating nature in Singapore.

• Night Life: there are historic Boat Quay and Clarke Quay in Singapore which now have lot of pubs, bars and restaurants. These are very good night party spot. Most popular here are the Indian restaurants, pubs and bars which have Indian music and food.
• Dining: Singapore is a cultural hub. Hence we can enjoy multi-cuisine over here. The food available here is Malay, Chinese, Indian and any other food you name. There are various restaurants and food courts found all over the city. In addition to this the more popular food is the hawker food available at every street of Singapore. Here you can find mixture of different cuisines. Basically they serve Halal and vegetarian food.
• Tourism supportive Environment: The government of Singapore is tourism friendly. They promote tourism a lot. The two main support from government are:
o Tourist Events: the government keeps on organizing various festivals time to time to attract tourists.
o Transport: Transport is not a problem in Singapore. We get easy and affordable transport from end to end.
• Language no bar: the last but the most important factor is that language is not a problem in Singapore as English is a compulsory official language in Singapore.

Singapore has become one of the biggest attraction centres for tourist all over the world. In last few years it has become like a magnet for the foreign tourist whose feet are attracted to visit Singapore automatically. According to the records there has been a remarkable increase year by year in the Singapore. In fact the number of tourists that visited Singapore in the year 2010 was more than double the population of Singapore. There are many underlying factors and attractions which have led Singapore to this peak in Tourism. Some major attractions being:

• Shopping: Shopping is one major activity that attracts tourist to any country as holiday is the time when a person intends to shop at leisure. In Singapore there are many shopping bays and multi-storey complexes where tourist can find anything and everything of choice. Be it food, clothes or technology. Singapore markets have it. Some famous markets of Singapore are Bugis Street, Marina Bay, China Town, Arab Street, Little India, North Bridge Road, Orchard Road and many more.
• Site seeing and Natural Environment: Site seeing is the basic reason why tourism exists. People love to see the different places which depict the culture and technology of that particular place. Singapore is full of site seeing locations. It has various resorts. For nature loving tourists Singapore is a major attraction.

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